An app to improve consumer recycling to rescue the industry and save our planet.


The Problem

Of the more than 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste that is produced worldwide each year, only an estimated 13.5% of a possible 75% is recycled

Recycling contamination is pervasive and roughly 1 in 4 items placed in a recycling container is actually not recyclable, causing more harm than good

62% of people are confused on the proper
way to recycle

Recycling by the Numbers


billion tons of municipal solid waste


of recyclables actually recycled


increase in recycling contamination


million tons of CO2 emissions generated by landfills


RecycleRight is a mobile application that facilitates and simplifies the recycling process for users who would like to recycle,
but either find the process to be too difficult, or do not know the proper regulations for recycling in their area.

  • Object recognition technology identifies whether object is recyclable
  • AR technology details bin specific recycling information using special RecycleRight sticker
  • Detailed info
  • Identifies location specific disposal centers

The Creator

Victoria (Tori) Hagenlocker

I am passionate about environmental preservation and see it as one of the most pressing problems facing my generation. The viability of our planet demands immediate action. RecycleRight started as a school project designed to encourage students to be more mindful of how they were impacting the environment around them. I was discouraged by how many people lacked basic knowledge about recycling. By applying computer science and new technologies, I wanted to educate others and foster responsible and eco-friendly behaviors to improve the effectiveness of community recycling programs and to reduce the impact of waste on our environment.

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